Best Tourist Attractions in Falls Church, VA

December 11, 2020

The city of Falls Church, VA has several things to recommend it to tourists. A notable portion of Virginia's Civil War history took place within this city's limits, giving rise to a number of monuments and stops on the Civil War Trail. Historic colonial architecture abounds, and a diverse immigrant community gives the so-called "LittleCity" a unique character. The following are just a few of the spots most illustrative of Falls Church's place in history long past, as well as its ever evolving present.

The Falls Church
Falls Church, VA 22046

It's not every day that you can visit the very genesis of a city, but the Falls Church represents just such avunique opportunity. What stands today is an upgrade in brick, constructed on the site of the original church back in 1769. It is a well preserved and striking example of colonial architecture. It is also a functioning Episcopal church with a storied history. George Washington himself worshipped in it's hallowed halls, and it's graveyard holds the remains of civil war soldiers, in plots marked by stones that have stood for over 100 years. Tours of this historic site can be arranged, but visit on a Sunday and you're free to join the congregation and experience the ongoing story of this monument.

Falls Church, VA 22044

The Little City holds a bigsurprise for the uninitiated in the form of the most extensive shopping center catering to Vietnamese citizens on the entire East Coast. This vibrant market gives visitors a chance to see, and buy a variety Asian products while experiencing authentic examples of Eastern architecture.

Most notably, the Eden Center Clocktower is a perfect reproduction of Downtown Saigon, built in the after mathof the Vietnam War to provide homes in styles familiar to immigrants displaced by the conflict. A visit to Eden Center is a fascinating experience in cultural immersion, right in the heart of Northern Virginia's vibrant Asian community.

Creative Cauldron
Falls Church, VA 22046

Visitors to Falls Church in search of entertainment should make a beeline to the Creative Cauldron to see what's on the schedule of eclectic offerings. This award winning theater hosts a variety of stage performances, from plays to music, reflective of the diversity and creativity of the local population.
The theater seats 90 people in a cozy venue where finding a bad seat is a losing battle. Drinks are on tap and available pre-show and during intermission, along with an assortment of snacks. In the grand tradition of theaters, the Cauldron is located in close proximity to several restaurants. Dinner and a show? What better way to take in the local entertainment scene.

Falls Church Farmers Market
Falls Church, VA 22046

There's farmers markets and then there's "America's Favorite Farmers Market" of 2010. That's not the only award bestowed upon this thriving bazaar, and it's easy to see why. With over 40 vendors hawking wares ranging from farm-fresh produce to ice cream and soap, there's something for everyone.

A year-round, Saturday morning staple, the Falls Church Farmers Market is part of the Little City's soul. Tourists looking to mingle with the locals need look no further. The same goes for sampling the local cuisine thanks to the Chef Series held at the Market each month. During the event, local chefs are on site, cooking five star meals with the same fresh ingredients on sale at the various stalls. After partaking of such Farmers Market fare, you'll probably want to award a few accolades of your own.

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