5 Best Restaurants to Eat At In Falls Church, Virginia

December 11, 2020

Sweetwater Tavern

If you just want to have a great meal and a couple of beers with your friends, then Sweetwater Tavern might just be the place that you might want to check out. The beers here are carefully brewed for hours and are perfectly hand crafted to make sure that the customers here get access to only the finest taste of beer. Apart from that, you might also want to try its juicy burgers that are made up of tender beef meat mixed with some salad. The restaurant currently does not take any reservations but you can try to notify them that you will be coming together with either your family members or friends by simply giving them a phone call.

Peking Gourmet Inn

Peking Gourmet Inn has been serving a wide variety of delicious and first-class Chinese food to the people of Northern Virginia since the year 1978. The ingredients used are all sourced from high-quality places to make sure that the customers are satisfied with the food that is currently being offered there. Apart from that, you can also tell from the taste of the food that the ingredients used by the restaurant are all fresh. This is done togive the best dining experience to the customers that decided to stop by the Peking Gourmet Inn


Now, this restaurant serves mainly Vietnamese cuisine that they have uniquely invented from scratch to give you a spectacular taste that you can't find anywhere but here. The Seaside Banquet which is rice vermicelli that is mixed together with bean sprouts and grilled shrimp is one of the special dishes that you could find here. The owner of this restaurant decided to name it Present because the food that is currently being offered in this restaurant is present and can be found easily in Vietnamese culture but they can't be found anywhere in an everyday American culture so hence the name, Present.

Northside Social

This restaurant offers a wide variety of food from muffins, scones, and cookies up to their delicious selections of pizza. If you need something heavy to eat then it's highly recommended for you to eat here as the prices that are offered in this restaurant are quite affordable for most people. Apart from that, they also have free gluten options which you can choose from and if you decided to eat here then be sure to try their House-Smoked Salmon & Poached Eggs as it is one of the best ones that is available on the menu. The portions of the food are also quite generous so it's worth every penny.

Clare and Don's Beach Shack

This restaurant is a casual seafood joint that provides alot of entertainment for its customers such as live music performances that are performed regularly to ensure that you have a lot of fun while enjoying your food there. You may expect to have some basic beach bar food like deep-fried crab and shrimp, fish fingers, onion rings as well as the gator tail that is if you are feeling slightly adventurous. Overall, the prices offered are reasonable and the amount of food provided is quite generous which ultimately makes it one of the best restaurant to visit in Falls Church, Virginia.

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