What Makes Falls Church, Virginia Such a Nice Place to Live

December 11, 2020

Geographical Location

One of the reasons why you should live in Falls Church, Virginia is because of its strategic geographical location. It can be considered as one of those humble small towns that are very calming to live in. Apart from that, one of the things that people love about this town most is the fact that how close this town is to Washington D.C as the distance between Washington D.C and Falls Church, Virginia is only 9 miles. If you live in this town, you will find that almost everything is near your house since it's just a small town so everything is compacted into one location.

The Feeling of Living in Small Town

Some people love to live in a large city filled with overcrowded people and there are also people that love to live in small towns. The non-busy lifestyle in these small towns provides peace of mind, security, and comfort for some people. If you fall in the second category then you would probably enjoy living in Falls Church, Virginia. The current population of this town currently is only 13,000 and it will surely give you a welcoming feel combined with quick access to Washington D.C.

Natural Elements

Falls Church currently has a total of 12 recreational parks that you can enjoy either by yourself, with your family members, or with your best friends. It is considered by many to be the ideal place to just breathe some fresh air and relax your mind as you empty all those negative thoughts that you have been storing in your mind. You may also use this place to spend some quality time with your family members to strengthen the family bonds between you and the rest of your family members

Great and Supportive Schools

This place has a lot of small schools that can give your child the education they deserve. Even though not everyone loves the idea of being educated in a small school, but the truth is that that there are a lot of benefits to kids being educated in a smaller school. This is because since the less students there are, the more teachers can focus on a child's individual needs. And there is a better social atmosphere amonst the students in smaller schools. Compared to other schools in the United States that spend on average only about $12,000 per student, small schools in these areas have been found to spends up to at least $17,000 per student so the students here are well taken care of.

More Jobs for Everyone

It might be tough for some people to find a decent job while they are living in a big city, but in Falls Church, Virginia people tend to  have a higher chance to be employed. Recent studies have also shown that the unemployment rate in this town is decreasing and the recent job growth has also increased. As compared to an average person living in a big city in the United States, the unemployment rate of those living in Falls Church is only 2.7%.

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